Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it true that many aftermarket fairings are difficult to install, do not fit correctly, and can even bend and crack just from normal use.

A: Yes there are many other products on the market that are made from PVC, or inferior grade ABS materials, then manufactured to low standards. You can very easily end up with a box of cheap plastic that is not worth fitting to your bike.

Q: How good is the RACEFLEX� paint finish compared to other aftermarket fairings?

A: The market is saturated with badly finished products, paint and stickers that peel, or colours that fade with contact to sunlight. RACEFLEX� paint shop process utilises top quality paints, quality graphics, and ultimately triple coat lacquer. This rigorous process achieves a perfect finish that will last the lifetime of your bike.

Q: Is it worth paying a little more for the best product?

A: When you buy from FAIRINGKITZ.COM, you are buying the best product at the best price.

Q: Can any of the RACEFLEX� designs be supplied for any make and model of bike?

A: Yes, although many of our designs are sponsor associated to particular manufacturers teams we can adapt any design you want to suit any make and model of bike.

Q: Can you supply custom designs?

A: Yes we can supply any design you want subject to the availability of suitable digital photos of the particular design.

Q: Can you also supply Racing specification ABS fairings?

A: Yes, we can supply Racing specification ABS fairings, which are specially manufactured with no cut out for the headlight, taillight, and indicators. They are available either unpainted or with any of our fabulous paint and graphics designs.


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